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Toni's Night Out

Artist Spotlight: Architects Of Grace


In my humble opinion, this band is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is right up my alley. It’s like old school Cure with a grittier Nine Inch Nails flare. True Alternative Rock that has been missing from the music scene for way too long.


A Night of Bliss with Tommy Lee


A Night of Bliss with Tommy Lee hmm ok I’ll admit that sounds a lil dirty.. and well its not so much.. anyway I was sitting home on a Friday Night with my head under the covers.. it had to be close to midnight already when I got the call from one of my best friends…


Puddle of Mudd Weekend (part deux)/ A Night of Mystery!


Look at all the fun we were having!! And would ya look at the cheek bones on these two… adorable.. and the one on the right her hair is oh so flowy! Puddle of Mudd is up next. The place is starting to fill up and the crowd is becoming less forgiving.. uh oh Toni I smell trouble.. Can’t we all just get along?


The Heavy w/ Kenan Bell Funk, Soul & Rock!


When I was invited out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with some friends on a Thursday night, I really didn’t know much about the place I was headed or the music I was going to see.. All I knew was hop on the L and walk over to a lil place called Union Pool a few blocks away.. What I got was a night of Funk, Soul and Rock I won’t soon forget!


Kristin does Semi Precious Weapons


The Glam-shock look that is Justin Tranter literally sucks you in. Whether he is kissing a crowd member or licking a pair of exposed boobs- Yes, I’ve seen him do both-you can’t take your eyes away.


Fashion Rocks & The Fratelli’s w/ The Airborne Toxic Event


I had no plans to go out on September 5th.. but I was working in the city and I knew The Fashion Rocks awards show was going on in midtown at Radio City.. soo I figured I would go check out the surprise band playing out on the Marquee as I have in past years.. I get there and to my disappointment there was No Band.. total bummer!

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