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Toni's Night Out

Kristin does Semi Precious Weapons


I want to thank my Guest Blogger Kristin for doing an awesome job of reviewing Semi Precious Weapons as part of the CMJ Marathon at Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side, NYC.. See you soon.. x Toni, Now take it away Kristin:

“Music is about having fun… and looking beautiful… so smile cunts” Semi Precious Weapon’s lead Singer Justin Tranter yelled into the crowd after having taken off his shirt and handing it to a girl wearing only spandex and a bra.

Welcome to the circus that is Semi Precious Weapon; not only does the band know how to put on a show but they know how to show the audience a good time.

Only at a Semi Precious Weapons concert would you have naked girls running up on stage gyrating with the lead singer as the crowd, unfazed, rocks out singing along “her hair, her hair is on fire, she don’t want no water let her fucking head burn”. But don’t be fooled by their vanity- “Do you like my makeup bitches?…if you don’t, well, you can go home”- SPW is the real deal.

SPW is a perfectly mixed cocktail; the recipe is simple yet it makes for an intense concoction that one is not easily able to ignore. Ingredients: 1/3 underground garage band, guitar-drum, no frills, 1/3 undeniably catchy choruses and 1/3 effing gorgeous singer. Shake well and pour liberally and you’ve got SPW.

The Glam-shock look that is Justin Tranter literally sucks you in. Whether he is kissing a crowd member or licking a pair of exposed boobs- Yes, I’ve seen him do both-you can’t take your eyes away. Every chance he got he was up in the crowds face making sure they were getting what they paid for. From egging the crowd on-“You guys know this one, sing along cunt”, to actually pushing the microphone in peoples faces Justin makes sure everyone in the crowd is having fun and participating. One of the best performances of the night was “Magnetic Baby” where Justin leaned out into the crowd throwing out the mic at every chance he got so the moshing crowd could yell “YEAH YEAH” when the chorus rolled around. But a close second was the self titled track “Semi Precious Weapons” where- while doing a kick so high it would make any mans voice hit a high note- he belts “I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous”.

Though both were equally awesome performances of the night, it was soon outdone as the band jammed out to “RockNRoll Never Looked so beautiful” which confirmed the evenings attire; clothing optional…naked woman prefered.

True to SPW form it wouldn’t be a brilliant night without some crotch-grabbing, boob-baring, outrageous moment. Justin took over the show by grabbing a video camera and pointing it at the crowd and then at himself while singing.

While much of the glam image of the band falls on Justin as he bats his painted black eyes at adoring girls the rest of the band definitely holds its own. Uncontrollably wild, Cole Whittle is living proof that bass players are not the quintessential quiet members of the rock band. Throwing his bass over his shoulder, doing a full over-the head-and-back-circle-move he totally rocked out.

Overall, the concert was an awesome experience I’m not likely going to forget anytime soon…nor do I want to! – Kristin


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