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Toni's Night Out

Life, Loyalty & the Pursuit of… Scott Weiland.


Watching him perform Unglued live is enough to make an ordinary girl lose her mind! He was out of control in a good way! And although I’m always kind when it comes to reviewing Scott Weiland and I’ve seen my share of less than great shows… This was one for the books.


Scott Weiland: Not Dead, Just Really Really Exhausted!


“Leave him alone you Ogres, hasn’t Scotty been through enough!” umm err Sorry, I know I wasn’t going to defend him or his tardiness etc.. but I can’t help myself. LOL Wow I’m a softie I know. “He’s an artist and a free spirit just let him be!”


Jimmy Gnecco: Ours, Yours or Mine?


When I walked into the lil venue on the lower east side of Manhattan, furious guitar riffs and primal screams were not exactly what I was expecting to hear. To say I was impressed would be a gross understatement. I was really blown away!


Let them eat CAKE! & Where I’ve been?


To be honest.. It’s hard to put myself out there.. blog after blog… raw, unprotected and vulnerable for all the world to see. I’ve been let down. But hey, who hasn’t, right? I wear my heart on my sleeve anyway.. it’s just who I am.


Jet & Papa Roach Headline. Huh?


I still can’t figure out what the deal was with the girl dressed in a full-body parrot costume! Wow this group must know how to par-tay.


iHeart Weezer! Don’t you?


Well that’s what Weezer music does to the crowd.. you just can’t help yourself! You bounce and you shamelessly sing along!

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