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Toni's Night Out

Nikki Sixx: THIS is GONNA HURT, Trust Me!


When I woke up on the morning of May 2nd, things did not feel quite right. I was lightheaded. I had the chills. Then, hot flashes. The room was spinning outta control & I felt nauseous beyond belief. I ran to the bathroom and threw up everything I had eaten the night before. Gross!  I didn’t even make it to the garbage. My brand new white bath rugs were ruined! I had food poisoning. ugh… No! Of all days, not today! How could this have happened? I felt and looked green. I’m not sure which was worse, getting sick or cleaning it up? Trust me… It wasn’t pretty. 🙁

Maybe, the universe was trying to make me nice and skinny for my date with Nikki Sixx tonight?! hmm.. He’s a New York Times best selling author you know.. oh yeah, he’s also songwriter/bass player extraordinaire of the legendary band Motley Crue / Sixx:A.M.. You see, he would be signing his new book entitled “This is Gonna Hurt”, at a lil bookstore in New Jersey later on. I had planned on going. But, what now? Back in bed I crawled for the next 5 hours. Sorry Nikki, so far, I’ve waited 26yrs to meet you. I guess, it just wasn’t meant to be…
The GirlsBut when I woke up from my long nap, miraculously.. I was OK. I managed to get some color back in my cheeks and somehow, dolled myself up. And as an added bonus, my belly was good and flat. Sweet! 🙂 To play it safe, I decided to stick with ginger-ale and hold off on any food for the next few hours.  According to Google maps it would only take us 22mins to get there. So I would be fine until I picked up the girls. Then, in and out no later than 7:30ish. Or so I thought… He was my first real bad boy crush. Oh, this was nothin like that pretty boy Jon Bon Jovi crush I had when I was 10. This guy wore black leather and makeup. He even lit himself on fire! Swoon. Oh, how I wished I was that girl in his “looks that kill” video. Hell, I practically was her, a petite brunette. Awesome. I knew I was his type. 😉 So, you see, food poisoning and all, I had to go. Besides, I’m just sure he would be totally crushed if I stood him up!

Anyway, I mean, how many people do you think will actually show up on a Monday night to this random place special to meet my date… of all people, Nikki Sixx? Watch and see…

Was I ever wrong! If you listen close you can hear me saying in the video how “the line goes on and on and on and on!” Turns out there was a reported 2,500 people waiting.. some as early as 8am! Sick! Whoa.. People traveled far and wide.  As I bopped around in my 5inch heels, feet hurting, starving and still a bit queasy, assessing the situation, absolutely floored by the turn out… at this point I knew… This indeed was Gonna Hurt.

Luckily, we ran into some cool ass girls we know from Twitter and around town. They were already waiting a good couple of hours and didn’t mind letting us stand with them. We were in it for the long haul. As you can see… somehow, we managed to entertain ourselves.

ns_0007_h11 ns_0000_v2This guy traveled from as far back as 1987 to get here! Now, that’s dedication. 🙂
ns_0002_h16 We even spied his new lady love.. a tall drink of water if there ever was one, not including her 6 inch Loubaton’s (yes, women notice). And way skinnier than even a post food poisoned Toni! Bitch. OMG, who said that?? Just kidding. She was actually quite lovely. 😉

But not at all his type and what could they possibly have in common? I mean look at the evidence. All the signs are there… I’m tiny like his 2nd wife who was on Baywatch.. I’m witty, charming and fancy myself a writer. Oh, let’s not forget the frenzy I caused in 2008 during Buckcherry’s set at CrueFest 1 (CrueFest or Bust! (Buckcherry / Motley Crue))! C’mon, I’ve got the looks that kill damn it. Umm, don’t I? :-/ I mean, Sheesh it’s so obvious, just as I suspected… Nikki Sixx is stalking me. Or… I’m suffering from dehydration & the after affects of eating bad eggs… Meh, at this point, it’s all a matter of perspective… you decide.


Anyway, after waiting for 5 grueling hours, and just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore,  finally.. it was our time. Delusional, feet burning, mouth dry and flat tummy growling… they let us in the door and ushered us down some steps… And there he was…

He is as handsome at age 52 as he was when he was 27… even more so, because now, he was more than that bad boy who just lit himself on fire that excited me so much when I was a 12yr old girl. Now, he was this interesting, smart, creative soul. Now, I respect him as well as admire him. He is not afraid to bear it all, revealing all his dirty secrets in the name of his art. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive, I understand that he is also a business man, the brains behind the operation. Again, more pieces to his puzzle.

But on top of it all he is good to his fans. Communicating on a daily basis through different forms of social media asking them things like, “What can i do for YOU?” Sheesh, Nikki, You should totally stop Flirting with me in public is what… it’s Shameless! 😉 But enough of that, he also vowed to stay all night until every single person got their book signed. Not many millionaires would do that.

Besides, he has already proven himself a fantastic writer with his first book “The Heroin Diaries”. Between that and his new band Sixx:A.M. he’s brought a new generation of fans into the mix. He inspires people young and old to be themselves and be proud of who they are. But what about me…
ns_0014_h3 ns_0017_h0
It was getting close to Midnight by now.. and finally it was my turn. I would only have a few seconds to say my piece and make an impression. They were running a tight ship at this bookstore. Only allowing us to get the new book or his new Sixx:A.M. cd signed. Understandably, he seemed to be slightly glazed over from a full day of signing books. So when I got to speak, I said a few private things between me and Nikki.. he smiled and nodded knowingly. I was no doubt charming the pants off of him. I asked him if we could take a picture together for the blog when a loud strict “NO, No pictures!”, came from the woman behind him. The nerve of her eavesdropping on our conversation! hmmf. I suspect there was a little good cop bad cop happening here though.. why else would he keep quiet and not smile and throw his arms around me? Oh, I get it, he wouldn’t wanna make all the others jealous. Good thinking Nikki, wink wink. Of course, I complied and he gave me a few more knowing nods and even a high five. I was a blushing school girl all over again.  Maybe, I would lift that restraining order I have on him after all? But I would be damned if I wasn’t getting a photo “with” Nikki Sixx! I tried desperately to snap it of myself with Nikki in the background… but I kept missing and cutting out his head. grrr. I had a room full of people laughing. Until finally someone offered to snap it for me. So I did my smiley Toni pose and Voila! No super imposing necessary. 😀

So as I sit on my bed typing on my laptop, fully nourished, I’m listening to his music flipping through his book, both titled “THIS is GONNA HURT”, looking at his brilliant photography and learning more about his life through the beautiful distorted lens that is just a piece of Nikki Sixx… and in the end, poisoned or not, I’m glad I went. Because by telling my tale, I didn’t just go for me.. I went for all of you who couldn’t be there, but wish you could… and can feel like you were through my distorted lens.
I hope you enjoyed my night out! Until next time. xo Toni

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4 Comments to
“Nikki Sixx: THIS is GONNA HURT, Trust Me!”

  1. On May 26th, 2011 at 9:40 am Marianne Says:

    You always have me laughing! I also loved Motley Crue & Nikki was the cutest one who wrote all of the songs. I was so mad I had to miss it, but now i don’t feel like I did. I luvvvv this blog. Rock on Toni!!

  2. On May 28th, 2011 at 6:37 am Toni Says:

    Thanks for the support Marianne! Nikki was and is still by far the cutest. Swoon. <3

  3. On July 18th, 2014 at 8:50 pm Leanne Says:

    Hello! I have just discovered your blog! Omg you have me in stitches, love it! Love Nikki and Scott as well lol

  4. On July 18th, 2014 at 9:43 pm Toni Says:

    Aw so sweet! Thank you so much. I’m glad you love it! Hopefully I will write something new soon since I have a few shows coming up. 🙂 Keep reading and spread the word! xoxo Toni

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