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Toni's Night Out

Scott Weiland & My Unrequited Love ;-)


Late for the show! Oh My God! Blasphemy! I have no one to blame but myself.. not even Rosie.. Well.. she was late too. But, so was I. So I can’t blame her. uggh.. I couldn’t find anything to wear.. lame I know.. but true..

I was having a bad hair day. I looked Chinese! Things were just going all wrong. 🙁

I had been looking forward to this show for months! The Starland Ballroom..  I love this little place! So we get to the show! We can hear the music! OMG! This is worse than we thought.. Scott is actually on time! Nooo! So we run in as fast as our 4inch heeled boots will allow! I look over at Rosie and I can see that she just didn’t have it in her tonight.. so she gives me the OK and off I go! I’ma comin Scott! LOL

I walked in on this! I love Mocking Bird Girl.. ok ok I love watching Scott dance!

Then I saw her.. So you all heard the rumours.. about that fight.. Whatever.. turns out it was untrue.. sigh.
I have nothing bad to say. Except, she was sitting in my seat! grr just kidding.. ;-)So back to Scott! uggh I’m on the side of the stage.. but not as close as I could be.. I’m short damn it! It’s hard to see over peoples heads.. And some girls were in my spot.. I was sort of upset over my predicament.. (being late.. not looking chinese)
But they turned out to be the biggest sweethearts you could meet! I love nice girls! We’re so gonna be facebook friends.. Wow what a turn around from the last show.. bonding over the love of music and being cool with each other! What a concept!

The show was really underway when a crowd rider decided to dive on stage! The guards in front of me ran over to get him and throw him out! For a good 30 seconds or so I was completely open.. I had a clear shot to jump on stage and do a little shimmy shake with Scott… My heart was racing and my knees were shaking! Do I or don’t I?? I pictured it perfectly in my mind.. Besides, my love was like Bad Medicine at a Bon Jovi concert once years back and that worked out! So why wouldn’t it this time?? But in that same vision I also pictured being pounced on and forcefully thrown out on my ass.. These bouncers are big! The beating looked painful.. lol worth it? Maybe? I dunno.. Just then the guy who had jumped on stage jumped back into the crowd making a clean get away! The bouncer shot back over blocking me from making a B-line onto the stage.. Snapping me back to reality! Damn me and my cognitive thinking! Had I missed my chance? Probably.. Anyhoots, the band was visibly amused and so was the crowd.. Indeed a highlight of the evening.

She lives by the wall | And waits by the door | She walks in the sun | To me

Sing it loud sing it proud! Atlanta wow! How awesome to hear him perform this! In all the years I have been going to see Stone Temple Pilots I’m not sure I have ever seen this done live.. As I’m looking around.. the crowd looks bored.. Most people have short attention spans… maybe that’s it? I’m not Mexican (or Chinese) nor am I from Atlanta.. but this song could be about me? ok ok I just think it’s pretty… not to mention how it shows off his amazing vocal range.

Maybe you all will like this better? It’s upbeat and fun.. It’s called “Big Black Monster” I think we might have had a little eye contact.. he was probably thinking hmmm.. that Asian girl in the green looks vaguely familiar?.. ha ha 😉

Despite missing the first few songs of the night..which I’m not happy about.. this turned out to be one of the better performances.. Maybe because I didn’t wait an hour and half for it to start.. hmm  but it speaks for itself!

Ending the show with a Missing Cleavland Finale.. I was sad for it to be over.. sigh..

This is Jeremy.. he’s in the band. He was very nice.. but having a conversation with him was a little forced.. soo umm er your in the band huh.. so um er cool.. duh.. What the hell was wrong with me? I was not myself. This bad hair day was killing my confidence… or my brain cells..  ha ha either way it was time to go..

Bu bye Scott Weiland band.. you will be missed.. see you in another life. xoxo Toni 😉

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6 Comments to
“Scott Weiland & My Unrequited Love ;-)”

  1. On February 8th, 2009 at 4:24 pm Shangri Says:

    Aww girl! you hair looks good! if I only could have yours jaja!
    I love the review! SCott dancing and Atlanta!
    BBM was my first fav song jaj! I change it every day =P


  2. On February 8th, 2009 at 4:43 pm Toni Says:

    Aww thanks! ya know.. we all have those days. 🙂 I’m glad you love it! xo

  3. On February 18th, 2009 at 10:29 am Shirley Squirrley Says:

    Me thinks you should go relisten to Atlanta – its about you? Not a chance, Sugar. That’s a song about him divorcing his wife. Not a pretty song and totally not a song about you. What was wrong with you? Maybe it was the 2-sizes-too-small outfit you wore?

  4. On February 18th, 2009 at 12:30 pm Toni Says:

    Wow Shirley Squirrley/chipmunk charlie from Ohio.. I see you don’t understand sarcasm.. I am quite aware what the song is really about. I still find it dark and beautiful and was excited to see it performed live. & as for my outfit it fits me just fine. This is a place of love, so you can take your hate elsewhere…

  5. On March 13th, 2009 at 10:13 am Diane Says:


  6. On January 13th, 2016 at 5:33 am Jay Sharp Says:

    I would have shit myself if I got to hear Atlanta live. Also, your hair did kinda look Chinese (not a bad thing!)

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