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Toni's Night Out

Outside Lands Festival: Pearl Jam

With a 45 minute wait in between acts, people can become fast friends!

Bonding over the love of the music and being excited for the Pearl Jam virgin… that’s me! In the 90’s there was that whole mess between Ticket Master and the band which prevented them from touring. And in recent years, I just couldn’t bear to watch from bad seats or a balcony. So what better place to experience greatness live for the first time but in fantastic San Francisco?! In addition to being super sweet it just so happens that all the people surrounding me were also super tall! But in front of them in the first row was a lumber-jack of a man! Red flannel shirt & 6’5″ tall maybe 300lbs at least! My new friends were even having a hard time seeing. But this guy had been waiting in that spot since noon! So he earned it.. what could we do?

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Finally,  the band came out blazing! “Why Go” Yay Eddie! Yay Stone! OMG Pearl Jam! Woo hoo! 3 rows from the stage yet I still couldn’t see! Plus the crowd was getting violent! People were losing their minds all around me, and I was losing my footing! WTF? Stop pushing! Ouch! At this point my new tall friends decided to put me in front of them for a slightly better view and some shelter. But just then a crowd surfer came along.. for those of you that don’t know, a crowd surfer is a person who is passed overhead from person to person during a concert. The “crowd surfer” is passed above everyone’s heads, with everyone’s hands supporting the person’s weight. Duck Toni duck! Ouch! Bam! Right in the kisser! 🙁


Are you ok? All my new friends were concerned! I thought my nose was broke! sniff sniff.. hurt, a lil frazzled & still unable to see. Pearl Jam why have you forsaken me?? When just then, like a stroke from God.. Lumber-jack dude after waiting front row for close to 9 hours passes out from dehydration and gets pulled out of the crowd!

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Sucky for him but I now have a clear line of sight! If that wasn’t good enough.. My new friends then quickly pushed me up to the barricade! Perfect view! Can you believe it? 30,000 people & lil’ ole me ending up first row! Sometimes I amaze even myself. My cousin who was way in the back was texting me about how I was on the big screen! Sweet! The band sounded great! I was now in a spot where I could see & enjoy the show. When Eddie Vedder was young, he was scary beautiful! Bone structure and cheek bones to die for. Now he’s lookin a little older then I remember, but of course still sexy in that grungy mad man sorta way that only a rock star can pull off! However, he was struggling a bit with a few songs along the way.. poor thing, his throat was hurting. But even so, I was still more then impressed! Watch! “Do The Evolution… Baby!!”

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Watching Pearl Jam kick major A$$! While doing “Alive” Eddie decided to dive into the crowd!  Wild! I love it! 

It was a crazy, amazing show and I am so happy I got to experience it. They ended the festival with a rendition of  Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free world! The crowd sang along! Epic. I was told that I would never be the same after seeing Pearl Jam live, but after seeing Pearl Jam  live front row.. I am ruined for sure!

After leaving Golden Gate park, we continued the night with some martini’s and a late dinner over at NOPA, an adorable bar / restaurant in the NOPA district. It was the perfect end to a perfect day in San Francisco! FYI, I highly recommend the pork chop! Yum.  I hope you enjoyed Toni’s Night Out San Francisco edition!! I know I did! 

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