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Toni's Night Out

Halestorm / Chevelle a Family Affair

Going to this show was completely random for me. My friend Kristin (you’ve met her before) was doing a sit down interview with Halestorm for Guitar Edge magazine.
tno_0007_hscv2 I didn’t even know who they were. I was strictly tagging along. I liked some of Chevelle’s music so I figured why not? But then I got to meet Lzzy Hale, the lead singer of Halestorm, adorable, sweet, smart & pretty. Talking on and on about her favorite white flying V guitar and stuff like pickups, pedals and things I have no clue about. A real rock n roll diva playing with the big boys and showing them a thing or two! If she was around when I was a 13 year old girl she would totally have been my idol! Mind you I had not even heard the music yet and I was this impressed.

But the lungs on this girl, they are not to be compared! Watch, as she belts out her song “It’s Not You” a Capella! I am sure she could sing opera if she wanted to…

(Buy it Now: It’s Not You)

Silly I know, but all I kept thinking about while watching them up onstage was that song Metal Queen from 1984! If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can watch it here: Be amused… be very amused!

tno_0002_hs1(above: Joe Hottinger, Toni, Lzzy Hale)
But enough of that.. this band is really something to see! In addition to having an awesome female role model for a singer.. they have a heavy guitarcentric sound with a theatrical flare. The rest of the band consists of guitarist Joe Hottinger, Bass player Josh Smith and rounding out the bunch is lil bro Arejay Hale on drums. It turns out that Halestorm is a family affair. Mom and dad could even be found handling business, giving support and even hocking CD’s! Sweet! So eyes opened people.. and remember you heard it here first. :-) 

For more info on Halestorm goto:


Now at first I didn’t think these two bands would exactly go together on the same bill.. I would classify Halestorm to be more heavy metal while Chevelle I would say was alternative. However, as the night went on I noticed some similarities. Chevelle, although having a very different sound are also guitarcentric and theatrical. Watch as they go to town with their hit “Send the Pain Below!”

(Buy it Now: Send The Pain Below)
I really like this band. So good! Oh and did I mention they were also family! Pete and Sam are brothers and Dean is their brother-in law. Very Cool.

(Buy it Now: Jars)
Their new album is called “Sci-Fi Crimes” and the cover features a UFO.. more stuff I like! Listen to the new song Jars! I’m not gonna claim to know what it’s about.. but it sounds pretty intense! So I suggest if you are not already a fan than you should give them a chance! I’m very happy I tagged along for this show cause it turned out to be a night full of new friends and awesome music. And yes, on my way home I was compelled to call my family! And you should too! I hope you enjoyed my night out! Until next time! xo Toni 

For more photos check out The Galleries: Halestorm / Chevelle

For more info on Chevelle goto:

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“Halestorm / Chevelle a Family Affair”

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    AWESOME VIDEO…and cool review! Keep rockin the blog…i love it!

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