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Toni's Night Out

About Toni’s Night Out

Toni’s Night Out is a Rock N’ Roll Site that reviews concerts from a personal perspective. The site’s documentary style feel is meant to connect fan to fan providing a new way for fans not only to read about their favorite rock bands but experience them live! The site offers content dealing with music reviews, interviews, celebrity sightings, photos and live videos shot from select venues.

Who is Toni?

She is a Webmaster, an artist, a writer and a tech geek.. She is your best-friend and the girl next door.. She is that girl everyone wants to know.. ;-)Toni has been hitting the music scene since she was just a kid in early 1984. No no she wasn’t roaming the streets alone.. she had some older sisters that were a huge influence on her..

Professionally, in the late 90’s, she was a pioneer in the Net-Tv phenomena and later worked in many capacities in the industry of syndicated interactive music news; photographing and videotaping various artists along the way.

In more recent years, she has hung her hat working for major entertainment conglomerates such as NBC Universal, Bravo TV, and BMG Music.

“Toni’s Night Out” is her latest project yes, but it is also just that, Toni’s night out..  Follow Toni on all of her adventures in and around the New York City area.

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