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Toni's Night Out

Stone Temple Pilots – Flawless Not Shirtless!


I had it in my head that I was not going to this show. Rosie was all down on Scott since I left her way in the back of the Fillmore in NYC at his solo gig. Poor thing had some angry drunks to deal with while I was in the front row making my best goo goo eyes.. totally different perspectives I guess. Also, I didn’t want a repeat of last year going alone to Atlantic City to meet Matt. I ended up all by my lonesome in that big casino when he left after the show. But on the morning of, Rosie was starting to have a change of heart! Saying stuff like “I dunno, I guess it could be fun?” So I called Matt.. he was already on the road driving up from VA. It’s settled! I told him we would meet him there! Ha! Rosie says I bullied her into going.. umm maybe a lil’ bit. But no worries.. she will thank me later!


Like I said this was all so last minute.. no weeks of running on the treadmill or any fancy spa treatments to prep. We had about 2 hours to pack our stuff for the weekend, look fabulous and get on the road! And that I did.. give or take an extra hour.. what do you expect? Don’t you know me by now? 🙂 So, I pull up in front of Rosie’s house.. We are late!!! Let’s Go! And in another 20-30mins we did.. after all.. I had bullied her. So what could I say? When she got in the car she said “You look like a Rock Star”. Awe sometimes my friends are the sweetest.. not to mention she didn’t wanna hear me whine about being late.. smart Ro smart. 😀

We made it just in time! STP was about to go on.. Hi Matt and Chad!!

img_0777 Umm er Bye Matt and Chad & Rosie.. I’m off! Ugh tight crowd! Coming through.. Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? Finally! I end up against the barricade to the far far left.. some obstruction but at least no people in front of me!
Hello Crackerman! Watch this in Awe?!
I told Ro she would thank me later! I have not heard them play this good in awhile! I know, I know I say that all the time.. I love them, and mostly they can do no wrong. But this time was different. Scott was different. His voice was, dare I say? Flawless! I fell in love all over again. 

I even turned into Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s world at some point. You know the scene in the club when he see’s Tia Carrere for the first time up on stage and she goes all soft focus with stars everywhere!! Well, that’s me! ha ha “He will be mine. Oh, yes – he will be mine.” 🙂 hmm does this make Rosie Garth? LOL Just a thought?

71809_0003_stpbv10 img_0735Hey Robert (DeLeo), you are looking quite dapper. (pssssst, click the photos to enlarge.) 71809_0002_stpbv11
71809_0005_stpbv8 Wow! What a totally amazing, excellent show! 😉 Look at me to the left loving it.. Not to mention the pretty top I am wearing.. I think Scott would appreciate my fashion sense. Psst! I’m down here! Gah! All this cuteness and perfectly flippy hair going to waste!? Anyway.. I’m sure Robert noticed. Why else would he have been hanging out on my side of the stage during the entire show? 

Enough of that.. The band was musically blowing it out of the water and Like I said Scott’s voice was perfect! But something was definitely different.. I can’t quite put my finger on it.. Wait a minute! Where are all the costume changes? And why will he not take off his shirt? I mean he’s got to be hot with all those lights on him and all that dancing! I’m just looking out for him! He could get heat stroke if he’s not careful.. I’m just sayin.. 🙂 Besides everyone likes a little role-playing now and then. What? Who said that?

Does this mean he is growing up or something? pffft!

Plus I hear he is yet again single.. (Toni/Wayne: No Way! Rosie/Garth: Way!) Unless he is respecting our impending romance in advance? Toni/Wayne: “He will be mine. Oh, yes – he will be mine.”

Then onto a lot of aimless wandering.. eventually stumbling on to Dean Deleo and his High School pals! Of course I was a hit. 😀img_0810
Super Sweet Dean! We meet again… not to mention his beautiful girlfriend who took this photo! Is this where I say “We’re not worthy?” (I couldn’t resist)   😉 

It’s Toni’s world.. it’s party time it’s excellent!

Ah! But in the end… 

had an awesome fun night with some really great friends!

img_0807 Now for exhaustion & an early breakfast.. until we finally decided to drive back!
All the while Matt and Chad trying to convince me to drive to Maryland for the next show! How far is Maryland anyway?
Ahh too far.. maybe next time boys.. 

I hope you enjoyed my excellent night out!! Until next time… xo Toni

To see more photos of the show: click here

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8 Comments to
“Stone Temple Pilots – Flawless Not Shirtless!”

  1. On August 17th, 2009 at 5:47 pm kt Says:

    love it! sounds like a good time all around!

  2. On August 17th, 2009 at 9:02 pm MeMa Says:

    You look like you’re having the time of your life. Work them DIVA sunglasses, girl. G’head w/ u’re bad self!

  3. On August 17th, 2009 at 11:09 pm Chad Says:

    Had a great time at that show! Was good meeting you and Rosie, yall shoulda came to Maryland! Hope to see yall at some shows again soon…take it easy!

  4. On August 18th, 2009 at 12:20 am Toni Says:

    Good times all around for sure! I know Chad!! We so should have! Next time my friend!!

  5. On September 21st, 2009 at 7:57 pm John Says:

    you’re a class act Toni. Great job again. keep rocking 🙂

  6. On September 21st, 2009 at 8:30 pm Toni Says:

    Thanks John! STP makes it easy. 🙂

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