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Toni's Night Out

Scott Weiland Solo.. but not alone


After driving in circles around Union square I finally found a spot a block away from The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza.. We walked into The Gay Blades performing..

The Fillmore at Irving Plaza NYC

Super Entertaining.. fun to watch!  The place was packed.. there was no way I was getting to the front of this show.. so we hung back and enjoyed.. Watch!

Kinda quirky but I like it.. and only about an hour to go until I get to see Scott Weiland..

or so I thought… but I should have known better.. sigh.. So I proceed to entertain myself and try to work my way to the front as best I could.. oh um yeah see ya later Rosie I’m going this way..

But the crowd was Angry! and not nice at all.. doesn’t anyone here appreciate my charms?? excuse me.. I just want to get through.. thanks.. wow this is tight! I fear a fight may ensue.. These people have been waiting upfront for a good 4 hours.. still no Scott.. He’s an hour late! hmm I’m always late.. another reason he’s perfect for me.. hee hee 🙂

Finally Scott Weiland!
Finally Scott! The show starts.. he starts off a bit slow.. but the new song is Beautiful… From his new album “Happy in Galoshes” Killing me Sweetly, I believe it was… but people are still really pissed! Relax people! So then he proceeds to tell a story.. its not going over too well and I caught it on tape..

I really like his new song Paralysis.. but umm he starts talking about his new girlfriend! And how she directed the video and how she is in the Audience! blah blah blah! Not what I wanna hear.. ;-( it’s not like I wanted him to get divorced or anything.. cuz I wouldn’t actually wish that.. but hey.. finally he is single.. so I don’t wanna hear it.. Look at me! yoohooo over here! I’m too short & a few rows back.. ;-( sigh sigh sigh…

But then I did manage to make friends with these high school kids.. I’m happy to see today’s youth with such good musical taste! Plus they were in the front row for hours without peeing… They had to catch their train at a certain time and had to leave half way through since the show started late.. Sux for them.. but Woohoo for me! Thanks to them I did end up in the front row!! Sometimes I surprise myself… Awesome.. 😉

Blister on My Soul! From the front row! Here I am! I know you can see me now!

Love you Scott.. 😉

Barbarella come and save me from my misery!! And look at him dance!! oh no.. the show is coming to an end.. pout pout .

Clark Westfield & Toni
Hey Gay Blades dude… 🙂 it’s nice to meet you too… but me and Rosie are outta here..
Where to? hmm Marquee or Rose Bar.. hmm let’s try Rose Bar.. it’s in the area.. and it’s supposed to be nice, inside the Grammercy Park Hotel.. So we head over.. get to the lobby and who do we see! Scott’s new girl from the show! Damn, she is really thin! OMG.. that means he is inside.. I couldn’t make this up if I tried! But the doorman isn’t being so cool tonight.. sigh… so we stood around not knowing what to do for a little while.. then this super sweet couple who were guests of the hotel invited us in.. now I’m totally stoked but playing it cool.. we get inside.. and No Scott! WTF! 🙁 he must have snuck out… boo.. oh well.. the place was really nice.. we saw that socialite girl Lydia Hearst,  hanging out.. she’s an heiress to a publishing fortune or something… sorry people no pictures.. 😉 Oh well.. it was a long yet mostly awesome night.. so close Scott Weiland.. so close yet soo far away.. Until next time xoxo Toni 🙂

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“Scott Weiland Solo.. but not alone”

  1. On September 23rd, 2009 at 5:06 pm Car Hifi Says:

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  2. On September 25th, 2009 at 11:38 pm Auto hifi Says:

    VRy interesting to read it 😛 😀

  3. On October 10th, 2009 at 2:32 am Debbie Says:

    I found this interview today. Apparently Scotty boy has yet another new gf…check this out

  4. On October 10th, 2009 at 3:03 am Toni Says:

    Thanks Debbie! But if you listen close (after playing that 4 times) he says Jessica was great.. I don’t know this person.. and had to pretend she was my girlfriend.. then he says it wasn’t hard. Unless he is dating her now?

  5. On October 11th, 2009 at 10:37 am Jeux Videos Gratuit Says:

    any updates coming ?

  6. On November 15th, 2009 at 8:48 pm kevin jonas Says:

    seriously, this blog is sweet . I think im gonna stick around and read some of your posts. Have fun

  7. On February 25th, 2011 at 7:48 am Soledad Legere Says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

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