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Toni's Night Out

Chris Cornell in Sickness & in Health


Sick? Who me? Ugh! Fighting the flu is not fun (or pretty) people!

  • Day 1 I don’t feel so great.. my throat is a lil scratchy. whoa is me.. :cry:
  • Day 2 Umm Where is my voice?! Sigh.. is this the universe’s way of telling me to shut up? Naaah, that couldn’t be it.. :-P
  • Day 3 Ok Ok Marge Simspon Ain’t got nothin on me! :-?
  • Day 4 Ooh La La, a sexy Demi Moore Rasp! I’ll take it! ;-)

Although I wasn’t feeling 100%, I was encouraged to go out and cougar it up! Did you really think I would let a little thing like losing my voice stop me from going to see Chris Cornell Live, a few towns over in Montclair, NJ?!wellmont.jpg

Ticket in hand.. the attendant tried to direct me to the balcony. The Balcony?! Doesn’t she know who I am? Uh.. um.. well no, actually I’m sure she doesn’t.. so never mind. I see the entrance to the floor and I make a beeline. 2nd row!! Awesome!tno_cc_4.jpgThe kids in front of me were so nice & cool.. the lady to our left.. not so much. Relax lady! We are all here to have a good time.

Waiting with anticipation! So much hype. I wasn’t sure what the night would bring..

There has been allot of talk about “the new Chris Cornell” and how his latest album Scream is over-processed hip-hopped out. Timberland produced yadda yadda. I also heard a ton of negativity about his live performance. I am a long time fan, so I will judge for myself thank you!


What I got was old school, long haired, combat boot, black tee-shirt wearing, hard core, full blown, Sound Garden Chris Cornell! Whoa!! Off the charts! And back to basics!

Despite being a fan of the short haired, well dressed fashionista in Chris.. This is the show you want to see! Trust me. He did not hold back!

Um except for the fact he kept his shirt on.. boo. What? He works hard for those abs.. and should be appreciated. ;-)

Chris and the band came out blazing with their new song Part of me! Interesting lyrics! I wonder who she was? Rock N’ Roll with a touch of electro magic. I am thoroughly  impressed.

Chris came right up to the crowd! People were literally freaking out! Lil ole me almost got squished! But so much fun! Watch in awe!
tno_cc_14.jpg tno_cc_10.jpg
I even lost my favorite thumb ring in all the frenzy. Damn.. I loved that ring. C’est la vie pretty jewelry.. And ouch! Nailed in the forehead with a guitar pick!

The young boys behind me had no idea what was going on when he broke into acoustic renditions of Sprinsteen’s Atlantic City and Zeppelin’s Thank You.

Only to wrap it up with a Black Hole Sun Finale! What a Show!!!
The tour bus is parked on the street.. Sweet! But Chris left already? Whisked away in a truck you say? Hmmf! He didn’t even say hi! Maybe he went to see his baby girl? Oh you didn’t know her name was Toni too. hmm Chris, you named her Toni like me? Coincidence, maybe.. but it’s all very suspect if you ask me.. ;-)
tno_cc_22.jpg tno_cc_23.jpg tno_cc_24.jpg
Anyway! Truly amazing evening! They played everything from Sound Garden to AudioSlave to Temple of the Dog along with his solo stuff and a few covers thrown in for good measure. How could I lose? Fantastic night out! Jason Sutter (drums), Peter Thorn (guitar) and Corey McCormick (bass).. totally sweet guys!  What’s that boys? You like my sexy raspy voice? You’re ecstatic I came out to see you tonight? Well.. they didn’t actually say that.. But I’m sure that’s exactly what they were thinking! :-D 

Despite losing my ring and facing bodily injury.. I am still so glad I braved sickness and the cold to do so and would definitely do it again! I also recommend you get the new album, yes it’s different.. but it’s got soul! And if given the chance to go see them live.. take it! You won’t be disappointed.
I hope you enjoyed my night out! Until next time.  x Toni

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17 Comments to
“Chris Cornell in Sickness & in Health”

  1. On April 22nd, 2009 at 9:51 am Diane Ele Says:

    Great blog Toni! Love Chris Cornell, nice to see what he’s doin! By the way you had me laughin the entire blog…hehe! Sorry about your ring..glad u got your voie back…demi’s doesn’t suit you. LOL!

  2. On April 22nd, 2009 at 10:47 am Toni Says:

    Thanks Diane! It’s a labor of love you know.. Although the Demi thing was fun while it lasted.. I’m glad to have my voice back too!

  3. On April 22nd, 2009 at 9:29 pm Careyj55 Says:

    I wish I went to the show, not only to see Chris sing but to see my favorite blogger. I can’t wait to see where you go next. You crack me up!! Love your site!

  4. On April 23rd, 2009 at 6:11 pm Toni Says:

    Thank you for your Support CareyJ! xo

  5. On April 24th, 2009 at 12:19 am Shane Says:

    Once again, very jealous….definitely sounds like it was a great show and of course you can never go wrong with Chris Cornell, at least now I will have something/someone to dream about tonight…….so who’s next on the agenda miss toni?

  6. On April 24th, 2009 at 3:49 pm Toni Says:

    Dreaming of me Shane? How sweet of you! Oh wait.. umm you meant Chris.. well yeah he’s hot too.. xo

  7. On April 26th, 2009 at 1:38 pm MeMa Says:

    I hope Chris feels better. Awhile ago, I did this retarded entry on him and how awesome he is on my blog.

  8. On April 27th, 2009 at 2:36 am smokey Says:

    wow, toni!…… great persistance, even though u were not 100%… the one thing above and beyond chris’s emphatic and amazing use of his vocal skill, is the beauty of his personality… i have had more than one occasion to meet the man, and i am always consistently awed by his class and grace outside of the stage… i believe that the loss of one ring is over-shadowed by the talent that he is… lol… but the next time you get to see him, i’ll bribe you with a new ring with a bracelet and a necklace if i can go with…. don’t you forget about me…… best wishes and keep rockin!!!!

  9. On May 19th, 2009 at 11:54 am Tosh Says:

    hi Toni,
    So glad you added me. I enjoyed your blog and having just recently seen him May 1 in San Francisco, I totally feel your excitement. I’m trying to adopt CCs attitude towards the ‘haters’ and stop giving a shit about the hyped up negativity. I own everything he’s recorder, seen him live 25 times, met him 3 times, got a pic with him twice and have nothing but praise and thanks. For those of us fans that are a tad older than him, HE will help keep us young…..for those that are younger than him,HE will show them how to ROCK THE FUCK OUT as they get older…..I look forward to reading more of you…..

    : )

  10. On May 19th, 2009 at 11:34 pm MeMa Says:

    Thanks for braving the weather and taking one for the team.
    You’re such a trooper!
    Chris looks gorgeous even if he didn’t hang.

  11. On May 20th, 2009 at 2:40 pm Toni Says:

    My pleasure Tosh.. Glad to see someone who appreciates Chris as much as I do! And Mema I braved the elements and a cold.. but it was oh so worth it! :-D

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